Basic Land Details

A plot, also called site, is a small piece of land with certain dimensions.

A layout is division of a large piece of land into a number of plots with proper road access.

Land can be measured in terms of following units as Centimeters, Meters , Inches, Feet, Cents, Grounds, Acres, which a normal person uses where as surveyor uses the terms like Links, Chains, Rods, Ares, and Hectares etc..


435.6 sq.ft 1 cent
2.75 cents (1200 sq. ft) ½ ground
5.5 cents (2400 sq. ft) 1 ground
100 cents 1 acre
2.47 acres 1 hectare

Land can be classified and divided into various types as

  • Patta land
  • Puramboke
  • Pathway
  • Idukadu

Whereas we are going to deal only with Patta land

Patta is basically revenue record Patta land is said to be the private property for which individual obtains authentication from the government called as Patta

 Informations in Patta:

  • Patta No
  • Survey number with sub division
  • Village
  • Taluk
  • District
  • Property owner name with his fathers name
  • Nanja / Punja

Informations in Chitta:

  • Extract of patta is chitta
  • Patta No
  • Survey number with sub division
  • Village
  • Taluk
  • District
  • Property owner name with his father’s name
  • Nanja / Punja
  • Extent in ares / hectares

Informations in Adangal:

  • Patta No
  • Survey number with sub division
  • Village
  • Taluk
  • District
  • Property  owner name with his fathers name
  • Nanja / Punja
  • Extent in ares / hectares

FMB is abbreviated as Field Measurement Book, Which is taken by the government surveyor while measuring the field in the FMB the details of survey no and its subdivision for individual survey numbers are provided. When combined together forms a village plan.

A register is government record in which the classification of land is provided for each and every survey numbers with their extent. The information in a register are survey number and its sub division, patta number classification, extent in ares / hectares.

EC is the certificate which is used to see whether the property is registered; mortgaged etc that is in a word it is used to check whether the property is free from any encumbrances

  • Applicant name (who apply it)
  • Ec No
  • Ec date
  • Village name
  • Sub register office(register office in which it is applied)
  • Plot No
  • Survey No
  • Extent of area
  • Boundaries
  • Period from which to which
  • Entries of the document if any
  • Document no with date
  • Executants name
  • Purchaser name
  • Value of the property
  • Boundaries of the property register
  • No of entries

A property is registered by means of a sale deed document, the information which are provided in the sale deed are

  • Stamp paper in the name of purchaser / vendor with date
  • Vendor details
  • Purchaser details
  • Property details
  • History of the property
  • Guideline value
  • Total extent  as schedule “A” property
  • Conveyed extend as schedule “B” property
  • Layout plan is enclosed
  • Signature of the vendor / purchaser on all pages

In The Rear Side Of The First Page

  • Sub register office seal, Hologram seal  mentioning document no, pages, volume,date of execution are mentioned
  • Shortage of stamp paper can be paid by cash which is endorsed by section 41 seal
  • Photo of vendor & purchaser should be affixed
  • Witness signature of 2 persons are entwined
  • Thumb impression of purchaser & vendor are endorsed
  • Date of registration and page number seal is enclosed in all pages

If any document is unfound or if we require additional copy of the particular document we can apply in the concern SRO for the same which is also said to certificate copy .i-e.

  • If the document is lost a police compliant should be given and public notice to be published by advocate, if no intimation / information with 21 days the copy document can be treated as original document.
  • In case of more than two person purchases the property they can have separate copy document.

If the property is gifted to any one without any consideration it is conveyed by a deed known as gift deed.Examples: I in an approved layout the roads, parks, etc should be gifted to the particular village president that is conveyed by a way of gift deed. No fees for the deed.

This is used for the purpose of ancestral property execution in our case, it should be provided by the corporation commissioner, thasildar, municipality officer.

This is also used for the purpose of ancestral property execution in our case it should be provided by the Corporation Commissioner, Thasildar, Municipality officer.